Monday, October 29, 2007

Ella: 4.5 months now

Ella is 4 and a half months old now. She smiles, 'talks' and sometimes squeals when she's awake and happy, and she's almost always happy between naps during the day.

She has perfected a shriek when she's bored or wants attention, and she cries when she wants to be retrieved from her crib.

Things she likes: playing with the Whoozit toys; pulling on the hanging toys on her playmat; looking in the mirror; sitting in the Bumbo chair; kicking and waving her arms on the bed; songs sung to her; listening to stories and looking at the pictures in books (when she isn't tired); walks in her stroller; baths in the bathtub; trips by car/subway/train/plane and visits to friends' houses; and being held by family and friends.

Things she dislikes: Naps, bedtime, sitting in her carseat when the car or stroller isn't moving, being held in the 'cradle' position when she's awake; loud background noise.

We love love love her!