Monday, January 22, 2007

19-Week Sonogram: The Bean is Jumping (Fri Jan 19)

We went for the 19-week ultrasound today at 1:30 pm. This is a standard test prescribed for all pregnancies to measure the development of the internal organs and bone structure of the baby.

We saw the spinal cord, bones in the arms, legs, hands and feet (10 toes), the four chambers of the heart (!), etc. The baby's arms were bent and hands were in front of its face a lot during the screening, so it was difficult to see the face. This is the second sonogram at which the radiologists commented that the baby is very active and so was difficult to measure! She asked if I had eaten just before the appointment (I hadn't). She also mentioned she felt a hardness on my left side and asked if I have a cyst or have had one in the past (I said no). She said it was nothing to worry about. I will investigate after the baby is born.

An ultrasound technician looked at the Bean from all angles, took measurements and said everything looked normal. The Chief Radiologist on staff followed up to check measurements and agreed that everything looks good. In total, we spent an hour in the ultrasound getting screened. The radiologist said the baby is still on track for a delivery date of June 15th (size-wise).

From the radiologist's point of view, everything is developing normally so they are not recommending the need for any follow-up. Since we elected not to find out the sex of the baby, the radiologists hid the screen for part of the examination.

Now that the baby is getting bigger and I've seen it moving, I'm more aware of having a baby inside (vs what had felt mostly like an unpredictable medical condition). Things have progressed smoothly so far, my bump is noticeable, and I'm more conscious now that everything I eat is feeding two of us.

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