Sunday, July 6, 2008

Clicking & Typing

For a couple of weeks now, Ella has been holding objects (the TV remote, the ceiling fan remote, our cell phones) up to her ear and 'talking'. She jabbers in her unique language but the pitch of her voice goes up and down and whatever she is saying seems to take awhile. She is talking on the 'phone' like her parents...

When Michael or I are sitting in front of our computer, she is quick to climb into our lap and participate. Initially she used to bang on the keyboard with her fists, but lately she has started to move the mouse and click like she's observed us doing. She hasn't figured out the relationship of the mouse to the cursor on the screen, but we wouldn't be surprised if she figures it out in the next month or two.

Ella typing. from /ella jean. on Vimeo.

Posted here are videos of Ella at the computer and Michael on the Nintendo wii Fit doing a hula-hoop test.

Michael hoola-hooping. from /ella jean. on Vimeo.

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