Saturday, March 10, 2007

Car chase (March 10, 2007)

On the walk to Whole Foods to buy groceries this afternoon, I bumped into a crowd gathering at 7th Avenue on 25th Street. 7th Avenue was cordoned off to film a high speed car chase for the movie "Bourne Ultimatum", starring Matt Damon. Pedestrians were asked to wait inside stores and on street corners until the car chase scene was completed for safety reasons. Shortly after I arrived, Matt Damon drove a NY City Police car at high speed down 7th and took a sharp left at 25th, followed closely by a black SUV with a camera mounted on the roof. On the way home, along 25th while walking toward 8th Avenue, I passed several residential trailers (for cast or crew) as a trailer that had 6 lavatories (3 labeled 'Stunts', 2 labeled 'star', and one labeled 'ladies'), and one or two scrubby looking guys with cameras hanging around to get photos.

In terms of celebrity sightings while living in NYC, I've seen Sarah Jessica Parker shopping at Whole Foods, Jodie Foster shopping at Design Within Reach, Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen walking hand-in-hand near the Spotted Pig, where we went for my birthday brunch in February, and Molly Shannon walking and talking on her cell phone on 60th Street.

My sugar test results were within normal range.

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