Saturday, April 7, 2007

7-month Checkup (April 4, 2007)

Weight: 173 pounds, a 36-pound gain since the start of the pregnancy (!)
Blood pressure: 110/70

The fun news at this appointment is that Dr. Holden and his wife had their 2nd child - a girl - on Saturday (Mar 31st). He and his wife have a 2-year old boy too. We asked him how he and his wife got to the hospital, and he said they took a taxi -- same strategy as for their first child. He also said that another doctor delivered the baby; Dr. Holden was there as a husband/father only. He said his wife doesn't like getting advice from him when she's pregnant, which was funny.

This appointment went quickly. We listened to the Bean's heartbeat and it sounded good. The monitor that the nurse used this session did not provide a digital readout of the number of beats per minute, so I am not able to record that data for this entry, but in general, the Bean's heart rate is faster than mine.

He said I look good, all signs are good, and we can keep on truckin. Because Dr. Holden is part of a team of 6 doctors that takes turns being on call at nights and on weekends, I will meet each of the other doctors every couple of weeks so that regardless of who is on call when the Bean finally arrives, the doctor who assists will not be a complete stranger if the time comes and Dr. Holden is not available.

I received a shot of Rhogam in the rear end to prevent any blood incompatibility issues with the Bean, and then we all went back to work.

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