Wednesday, May 16, 2007

35/36-week Check-up (Wednesday, May 16)

Weight: 177 (I think I'm retaining at least 2 pounds of water in my ankles)
Vitals: 100/60
Fetal heartbeat: good

Michael and I met Dr. Shinn today, one of the five doctors in the practice with Dr. Holden. He measured my abdomen and said we are on target size-wise for 35-36 weeks (I'll be at the 36-week mark on Friday). Once week 36 hits, he said the baby could come anytime, but normally comes within a week of the due date (before or after). He clarified when we should call if we go into labor and said everything looks fine so far.

Next week we will see Dr. Holden. Tonight we had our last Birth Preparation course. Practiced breathing, covered breast feeding in a lot more detail, discussed bathing the baby, etc. Michael and I talked in the cab ride home, and agreed that we feel like we are in reasonable shape to cope with the baby when he/she arrives (famous last words).

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Bubba said...

sounds like you guys are having fun too much fun!!! I missed all the classes and just googled "water broke" when it happened. Go to hospital was response. Tif wouldn't let me speed ( as much as i wanted to ). Best wishes for you next pleasant surprize. Can't imagine life now without our little princess.

Mike and Tif