Wednesday, May 23, 2007

37-Week Checkup (May 23, 2007)

Weight: 178 pounds
Vitals: 100/60
Fetal heartbeat: good

Dad left this morning after a two-week visit to assist us with making the move to the new condo. His help was a huge benefit to us, and we couldn't have gotten sorted so quickly without him. Thank you, Dad!

Michael and I went to the doctor appointment together. Melissa, the nurse, took weight, urine, blood pressure and listened for fetal heartbeat. Urine test was fine, and fetal heartbeat was good (we could see the baby moving while I was laying back on the table). Dr. Holden explained that he'd do a Strep B test and check my cervix for dilation and the position of the fetus. When he checked for dilation, it hurt a bit. He said the baby's head is way down, and I'm approximately one centimeter dilated. He also said the baby doesn't feel too big, and estimates it will be in the 7-pound range.

The baby could arrive anytime week 38 - 41, which is good news. It would be ideal if the Bean held off at least one more week so Michael and I can finish unpacking and get organized. We aren't ready for the baby yet... no place for baby to sleep, too many boxes in the bedroom and baby clothes not washed yet.

Dr. Holden said Strep B is present in all adults, but in about 20% of women, it is present in the vagina and poses a threat to the baby during birth -- the major risk is pneumonia in the newborn. If I test positive for Strep B, I'll receive antibiotics intravenously as soon as I check in to the hospital for delivery, and the baby will be held for 48 hours after birth for evaluation by a pediatrician to insure that the baby is not adversely affected. The worst case scenario (low probability but a possibility) is that baby develops a fever and gets sick, which typically requires a 2-week stay in the hospital. We'll get the Strep test results middle of next week.

-Called pediatricians in Brooklyn today and found several who are willing to take on a new patient. None were available to meet us before the due date, but said we could bring the Bean in within 3 days after birth and get started.

-Discovered the "R" subway line connects the stop nearest our condo (Prospect Ave) to 59th Street/5th Ave, which is the closest stop to Dr. Holden's office at the Eastside location. The ride takes about 65 minutes. It is nice to be able to stay on one train for the whole ride.

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