Monday, May 14, 2007

The Things People Say

"Twins, right?" - Subway worker at Prospect Ave Station

"Whoa. I'll catch!" Security guard at Bed Bath & Beyond

"Whuddaya, due in like 5 MINUTES? Looks like the kid is fully baked already..." - Guy with an accent like Tony Soprano's standing on street corner, waiting for light to change

"OOOOOOOOEEEEE! She is going to POP any second now." - Guys hanging around MSG

"My goodness. You look like you need help right away. You could have that baby any minute now. Let's take care of you right away!" - Pharmacist at Duane Reade

"You need to sit down, girl? If you need to sit down, you just let me know and I'll move these people. You look like you need to sit down now! Happy Mothers Day to YOU!" - Woman on the subway

"Are you due any minute now? 5 weeks?!? Oh... really? 5 more weeks? No kidding..." - Clerk at Lowe's

"Oh my god. You are ENORMOUS!" - Emma

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Unknown said...

I think you look wonderful, healthy and beautiful. xx